About Travel Give Love

Travel the world, take photos and sell prints that give back to charities. It's a simple concept with a big mission, that's why I created travel give love.

My name is Lou, short for Mary Lou, and in December 2015 I decided to sell all my possessions and travel the world with my love, Stephen, with no end date in sight. Why do this? Because I've always wanted to. After a roller coaster ride in life, I'm taking the risk to live out my dreams.

I've been a photographer for over 10 years and have decided to reignite my passion as I travel. Paired with my desire to volunteer and give back to charity, my goal is to inspire others and make a difference one print at a time. I'll also be writing about destinations, charities and more on the blog.

Please help me on my journey and share my photos with friends and family.

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