My Story

Hello World! My name is Lou, short for Mary Lou. I grew up in Michigan until I was 23, then moved to Arizona for 2 years, then California for 6 years. To most Michiganders, that's WAY out of the box and far from home! I went through some "rough times" but I had a renewed outlook on life and when I met a wonderful man who I feel in love with named Stephen, he happened to be from the UK and live in Australia. I chose to take the risk and live on and off in Australia for months during our first year of dating, soon we realized we had to figure out a way to be together and not have to worry about visas and crazy expensive plane tickets to Sydney or LA. I told him my far fetched idea to travel the world, work remotely and try to give back along the way. He said let's do it, so I had no other reason to hold back any longer! We sold all of our possessions and bought a one way ticket with no restrictions on how long we'll be gone. (Really crazy talk to those in my hometown!)


Along with doing social media and marketing consulting remotely, I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years shooting everything from fashion to sports to weddings to dogs! Now my focus is on capturing the world around me.


My goal: to create photographs that provoke a feeling of love and inspiration, in turn you'll want to purchase and remember that feeling. And something tangible also happens, a charity will receive a payment for each print. I'll choose a charity and donate a part of the proceeds from each purchase to that charity.


I want this journey to inspire me and inspire others that they can live out their dreams if they only take the leap. Maybe this photograph will remind you to try something new, buy that plane ticket, be kind to someone else, who knows.


Please share with me on my travels! If you purchase a print I'd love to hear your story and share it with others. It sounds so cliche, but it's so true, together we can make a difference.


What's in a name?


Travel the world! No time limit, no plans, just following my heart to new destinations and encouraging others to try something new.


Through photographs I'm able to give back to charity. It's been an important aspect of my work life to give back.


Do what you love. My goal is to live life working doing the things I love. This project is helping me realize that dream!
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The Dynamic Duo

It's just us two against the world!

Lou Liebau Photographer, Dessert Lover, Beach Bum, Wanderluster